Sunday, December 28, 2008

Inflatable Santa Parallels the Christmas Season in 5 Short Chapters

Chapter 1: Black Friday Purchase
Inflatable-Illuminated (6-foot) Santa was purchased flat, boxed and hopeful. Included are two guide wires and light bulb and a magic inflation pump. Santa filled quickly and stood erect and happy with his one “mittened” hand waving and the other hand at his side, standing guard outside our window, facing out—a seasonal sentry, bidding glad tidings to passers by. “Welcome Christmas, bring your cheer.” (Fa-who-Foraze)

Chapter 2: Rockin’ Around the Barberry Bushes
Inflatable-Illuminated Santa sways back and forth in the wind, sideways and across, dancing to an unheard song. Santa does not stand tall anymore, but manages to look jolly. Even with the two guide wires, two rigged guide wires tied to water-filled milk cartons, and Santa himself propped against a half-buried shovel, he can not stand upright. Possibly the anticipation of Christmas Morn is too much for the eager, plastic elf; his enthusiastic dirty dance shameful to those who gaze at him from out our window and from across the street.

Chapter 3: The Night of His Life
Christmas Eve is here. As parents stay up too late wrapping pretty packages and listening to old-by-now Christmas songs, Inflatable-Illuminated Santa buckles, clearly losing "oomf" and air. At 1:00 am, he is seen bent over, his “hello” hand next to his face, bowing and dry-heaving into the bushes.

Chapter 4: Religious Experience
On Christmas Day, Inflatable-Illuminated Santa was seen genuflexing North, rocking back and forth like, enraptured, hand raised as if to receive the spirit. Later, on all “fours” bowing East towards Mecca was Inflatable-Illuminated Santa, barberry-pierced, with red-suited backside in the air.

Chapter 5: Deflation
Christmas is over. Decorations are put away and dusted. Inflatable-illuminated Santa and others are deflated now, following the “high” of the season and inevitable reality-slap of high credit cards bills and the long winter ahead.
He still has a smile on his face--possibly due to the memory of his dirty dance.