Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The Seagulls are Circling

“Watch out for the birds, Mom.” Krista said on the porch, as I locked the door behind us on our way out.

“What birds?” I wasn’t listening carefully, fumbling with my sunglasses.

“THOSE birds.” Krista said, pointing up.

Above us and down over a few streets were hundreds and hundreds of swirling seagulls. They weren’t swooping at us “The Birds”-like, or waiting on electrical lines and roof-tops, but they were circling, definitely, behaving as they do over an open landfill.

I was absolutely dumbstruck. What would cause those birds, uncommon to our area, to act like that?? By the time I got us in the car, the “bird circles” were migrating north. Krista suggested they might be feeding on bugs.

I did the only thing I could think of…I called David-Mavid.

“David-Mavid, David-Mavid, the birds are circling, the birds are circling! Are they circling where you are?” David-Mavid said, “Mom, how could I see them, I’m in Milwaukee?”

“So you DON’T see any circling seagulls?” ”Uh-no.” “Oh, that’s o.k., talk to you later.”

Next I called Jonny-Lonny.

“ Jonny-Lonny, Jonny-Lonny, the birds are circling, the birds are circling! Are they circling where you are?” “Uh. No. Why?” asked Jonny-Lonny, annoyed. “You don’t see any circling seagulls?” “No.”

This must be what it feels like to be whacked with a piece of falling sky.

Somehow, knowing that the circling birds were JUST in my neighborhood meant that it wasn’t some “7th Sign” or an animal-frenzied prediction of pending doom. It must be a dead animal attracting them, or bugs, like Krista suggested. Whew!

I’d like to tell you that this was the only time I pulled my “Chicken Little” act…but it wasn’t. The first time was just after 9-11 in 2001. I was alone in Wisconsin with my 3 children on a Sunday afternoon and I saw fighter jets flying over my house. FREAKED out that we were being attacked, I called the non-emergency police phone number and said:

“Is something going on? I just saw military planes flying overhead!”

“Lady, it’s the Packer Season Opener. They do fly-bys.”

I said what Chicken Little had, when she found out it was only an apple that had fallen on her poor little head:


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bspicknall said...

Okay, I am laughing and tears are coming out of my eyes! This is hysterical! Of course YOU are hysterical as well-demonstrated by your blog.

But I do hear you on the fly-over. Two Sundays ago I thought we were being attacked.

Thanks for brightening my day!