Tuesday, July 1, 2008


Been clothes shopping lately? I am getting increasingly frustrated with the “fashion” available to us women! Why is there nothing else cute out there but low-cut, cleavage-tease type shirts?

I recently went on a shopping spree and discovered there are three types of shirt possibilities:

T-Shirts: Which are boxy and boring--seldom cute. I look better in my husband's t-shirts than those I've found for women.

Spaghetti-Strap Shirts: I'm more of a "lasagna-strap" girl these days.

“Peek-a-Boob” Shirts: Which "gather" in front, and/or squeeze together and expose what is squeezed together --create a line (read “arrow”) directly down the front of your shirt. Designers do this on purpose.

Is there no other way to create a flattering woman’s shirt but to have this….

Right in your face?? Distracting isn’t it?

I get that some women want that—but not everyone does. There should be more options for the rest of us!

Whatever happened to shoulder pads? I loved shoulder pads. My sons have happy memories of hugging me and having “pillowie” shoulders to rest their little heads on. They created a SHAPE (and miraculously made hips look smaller). They were a girl’s best friend! Who took them away? Where did they go?

I am the mother of two male young adults. The last thing I want, is to run up and greet my sons in some “Peek-a-Boob” shirt --or worse be greeted by one of their friends. If my father were still alive--I would have had to wear a "bib" to cover up the front of me. Sons, fathers, grandfathers and their friends, are not meant to be face to face with my.......

And as often as you see all those cleavage lines in "those" types of shirts, though, people are still not desensitized. Yesterday afternoon I had to get a few things at the store and I ran into Pastor Gerry. I spoke with him for a few minutes before realizing I had a good 4 inches of cleavage showing. I felt his awkwardness. I wasn't his fault....

I was having a hard time not looking down my OWN shirt.

Next time I go out I guess I could put a piece of duct tape there. That wouldn't be distracting, would it?

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